Great Service

RabWeb is now able to host your website at a fraction of the costs that would normally be considered . With updates made on the day you request them .

We offer a total one on one service where we come to your place of business and with in an hour we would have your site ready to be uploaded.

We utilize the most powerful email marketing tool available at a fraction of the costs you would normally pay to keep you intouch with your clients

With email marketing we can provide you full statistics of who opened who clicked through to your website , who subscribed , who joined from your website even who unsubscribed. We also apply fully to New Zealand Anti-Spam Laws

What you get with eMarketing?

We make it easy to design eye-catching, professionally-branded HTML email campaigns, automatically manage subscriber lists, and track results.

Web Rescue Services

Yup, it’s just what it sounds like.

Have you ever heard this story…

A company spends significant dollars to build a website. With a reputable company. Sure the design looks fine but some important other elements seem to be missing.

  • — Site traffic did not change much.
  • — Online orders did not take off.
  • — Customers do not seem to be using it as much as hoped or projected.
  • — Getting the company to make changes made to the site can take weeks.

Now this company feels stuck.

Unfortunately, the story you just read is not uncommon. That’s one of the reason’s that we have been asked by many small to medium sized business who have already spent significant dollars on building a website, to assist them in a repair job or “Web Rescue” Service .

Our Concepts can assist you immediately by:

  • Clarifying your goals and your initial objectives for your website in relations to your business and preparing a phased “plan of attack” to resolve issues.
  • Search engine optimization. Rankings change due to changes in the search engine ranking formulas and changes made by your competition to their sites. We can monitor what the major search engines are doing and recommend ways to enhance your placement.

The cost? Priceless. Ok, not really, but probably less than you think

Bigger or long-term fixes vary based on what you are trying to do. We have been able to make meaningful changes for some of our clients who have moved the management of their site to Concepts in remarkably short time frames. Days , Weeks instead of months to get ecommerce active and producing.

The more immediate fixes such as content, testing, tweaking, etc can often involve less than one day’s work from us. We can prioritize the work required so that the related costs are spread out over a period of time.

Go ahead, give us a call +64 221 921 863. We take take you from being frustrated to loving the web as much as we do! Get Rescued from your website now!

  1. Create Campaigns
  • * We Use HTML email templates complete with logos, images, and links.
  • * Automatically switches to plain-text alternative for recipients who can’t view HTML emails.
  1. Manage Lists
  • * Create Multiple Lists.
  • * Automatically clean bounces.
  • * Import current customer lists.
  • * Clean duplicates & typos.
  1. Tracking & Reports
  • * See how many recipients opened your campaign.
  • * Track which links they clicked and how often.
  • * See which emails bounce and why.
  • * Track opt outs.
  • * See how many times your email was forwarded.

We are also in consultation with a Online Shopping site that will also give your business the power to operate 24/7

Please contact us for more information.

    • Web design “tweaking” (note: a full redesign is not always the answer)
    • Evaluating and making recommendations on Site traffic reports (How long are people staying on the site? Where are they going? Where should you focus your time & $’s?)
    • Adding new or improved low entry cost ecommerce solutions
    • Implementing of inquiry forms/feedback forms and other interactive tools that help you provide better customer service
    • Providing new content and put a plan in place to keep it fresh
    • Promoting your website both online and offline
    • Getting back-ups of your site in case of a catastrophe
    • Keeping track of your web details such as domain name renewal date, “dated” references on your site, compliance with Web Standards for Accessibility and Browser Compatibility, archiving, etc.
    • Taking a comprehensive site inventory. An inventory allows you to manage your site effectively and serves as a starting point for redesigns. Items we can track for you include:

  • Page Names (Home, “About us,” etc.)
  • Filenames and/or URL
  • Originating content and images format (Word, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Special site features (JavaScript, etc.)
  • Update Frequency (how often copy should be updated)
  • Requests for new functionality
  • Testing to make sure your forms, browser compatibility, automated emails, site search, 404 errors, and links are all doing what they are supposed to.
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