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2012 PLAYER PROFILE #1 - LUKE HUGHES {Grey Valley}

Name: Luke Hughes

Club: Grey Valley

Position: Fullback, Centre, Wing

Goals for the season: Help the team as best as I can

Funniest moment in rugby: Watching Brad Houston get angry on the paddock

Biggest disappointment in rugby: Any injury

Earliest memory of playing rugby: Freezing our arses off early Saturday mornings

Most annoying team mate and why: Powerpole, he's Dutch

Most respected opponent: James Ward

Favorite rugby field played on: New Forsyth Barr Stadium

Best advice your parents ever gave you:

If you could have dinner with three famous people who would you choose: Charlie Sheen, Adam Sandler, Ashton Kutcher

Favorite TV show: ITM Fishing Show

Last book read:

What music are you into: Anything easy to listen to

Apple or Android: Apple

If your could be a superhero for a day which one would it be: Superman

Who will win Ditman Sheild this year, North or South: North