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Name: Michael McEnaney (Macca)

Club: Marist

Position(s): Loose head prop

Goals for the season: Go through season injury free, maybe just maybe make Dittman Shield squad and of course win the comp

Funniest moment in rugby: My mum slapping Mike Meehan!
Long story short it was after a game between the NZ Marist Colts and Greymouth Marist. During the game Mike (Greymouth Marist) smashed me (Marist Colts) at the kick off. So I'm guessing Mum didn’t take too kindly to it so she was getting her own back.

Biggest disappointment in rugby: Never winning a comp…I probably should add yet!!!

Earliest memory of playing rugby: When I was a young fella (not sure when) a teacher at school organised a game of rugby against I have no clue on Rugby Park. At the time I played and had only ever played League. There was no tackling and no pushing in the scrums allowed, I thought it was the shitest sport ever!!!!!!! Apparently I vowed and declared never to play rugby again!!!!! Guess I never followed through on that one…does it make me a flip flopper???

Most annoying team mate and why: Pommy. There’s sooo many reasons why!!!!!

Most respected opponent: Gordon Iafeta – He taught me many lessons about propping the hard way!

Favourite Rugby field played on: Haven’t played anywhere noteworthy so guess it has to be Rugby Park by default.

Best advice your parents ever gave you: If you can't convince them, confuse them.

If you could have dinner with any three famous people, who'd you chose: The Macho Man, Winston Churchill and Bushy Campbell

Favourite T.V show: Seinfeld…George Costanza is my idol

Last book read: Benji: My story – Great read

What music are you into: Pop rock

Apple or Android: Android

If you could be a superhero for a day, which one would you be? The Creeper

Who will win the Ditman Shield this year, North or South? North without a doubt!