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2012 PLAYER PROFILE #5 - RYAN KENNEDY {South Westland RFC}

Name: Ryan Kennedy

Club: South Westland

Position(s) Hooker/Prop

Goals for the season: Win the comp, Make Coast team

Funniest moment in Rugby: Big Wheelie losing his hubcaps

Biggest dissapointment in Rugby: Losing the Woodham Shield

Earliest memory of playing Rugby: Midgets in Whataroa

Best advice your parents ever gave you: Don't Do Drugs

If you could have dinner with any three famous people, who'd you choose: Jim Morrison, Tom Petty, Stan Graham

Favourite T.V Show: Police 10/7

Last book read: Guiness Book of Records

What music are you into: Led Zepplin, CCR

Apple or Andoid: Don't care

Who will win the Dittman Shield this year: South