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2012 PLAYER PROFILE #2 - CEIRAN JAMES {Greymouth Marist RFC}

Club: Greymouth Marist RFC

Position(s): Scrum Half, Outside Half and Full Back

Goals for the season: Win the league and play for the West Coast

Funniest moment in rugby: Getting knocked out by the ball playing back in Wales.

Biggest dissapointment in rugby: Losing against our local rivals in Wales, and seeing them get promotion.

Earliest memory of playing rugby: Try scoring debut in U8's for the local village

Most annoying team mate and why: Steffan Howells because I've spent a month sharing a room with him in a backpackers and he snores like thunder

Most respected opponent: The Ref

Favourite Rugby field played on: Llanelli's Stradey Parc, Wales

Best advice your parents ever gave you: Wipe afterwards, even if theres nothing in the pan.

If you could have dinner with any three famous people, who'd you chose: Jessica Alba, Optimus Prime, Lee Evans

Favourite T.V show: Home and Away

Last book read: Colouring Book

What music are you into: Anything I can bust a move too

Apple or Android: Apple

Who will win the Ditman Shield this year, North or South? North